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​​​​Congratulations to our current and previous award winners!

Past VCEF Award Recipients

                                                     Valley Central Education Foundation Award Recipient

                                                                                        Bruce Chapin


The Valley Central Education Foundation is proud to honor Bruce Chapin as the 2018 “Sowing the Seed” award recipient.

Bruce was a teacher at the Valley Central High School for 21 years. His work with students was outstanding.  His dedication to them is captured by this comment, “I can’t believe they pay me for this!”  He states, “I loved teaching because of the energy and creativity generated in the classroom, all the wonderful people I met and all the wonderful people I would encourage to explore the creative potential within”. He continued by saying, “I was born to teach, but I was condemned to create.  I have really only worked about 90 days in my life. This work was a summer job at a foundry after my junior year of college where I learned in five minutes what some man had been doing for 35 years. He left teaching in 2001 to become a full time artist. It has afforded him the opportunity to create many wonderful objects, explore hundreds of ideas, and meet other extraordinary artists. 

He is most grateful to his amazing wife of 28 years, Dawn Konnerth and their two children, Zoey and Zarko.  Zoey is in her fourth year of teaching high school art in Marshfield, Massachusetts and Zarko recently graduated from VCU with a Criminal Justice degree.

I am thankful to the many students who I still follow and maintain contact with through the years and miles.  They have changed my life and will always have a place in my heart!

Sowing the Seed

Kevin McFadden

Anne Sussdorff

Robert Ciganik

Debra Calvino

Robert Santo

Marc and Brenda Neuman