Teacher Grants

10 Grants totaling $4,452.68 were awarded in 2016!
​Congratulations to all of the winners!

2016 Grant Synopsis

Valley Central Education Foundation Grants Awarded October 6, 2016

“Sports Business Day at Met Life Stadium” submitted by E. Jeremy Beamon from Valley Central High School. This grant will help pay for up to 50 students from the High School to attend the Sports Business Day at Met Life Stadium to gain a behind the scenes look at the everyday requirements of professionals in the Sports Management industry.

“Buddy Bench” submitted by Barbara Hackett and Jennifer Grimaldi of Berea Elementary School. This grant will help pay for a Buddy Bench to be used at recess for students to make new friends, resolve conflicts, play something different, find someone to play with or to be a buddy to another student.

“Storytelling in the Digital Age” submitted by Carla Biggs from Valley Central Middle School. This grant will purchase four (4) Amazon Fire Tables to be used to allow students to create digital storybooks, articles and book trailers and even digital biographies to give a new spin on teaching reading.

“Flexible Seating for the 21st Century Classroom” submitted by Tiffani Garrison from East Coldenham Elementary. This grant will be used to purchase flexible seating for the classroom that will be used throughout the fifth grade and will excess energy, improve metabolism, increase motivation and engagement and create a better flow of oxygen to the brain.

“Legolapalooza – Rocking with Legos” submitted by Tracey Vianden of Berea Elementary. This grant will be used to create a LEGO club during recess time that will provide students a play to use physical and mechanical skills. Over 100 general education and special education student will have the opportunity to join the LEGO Club.

“Home Help” submitted by Barbara Gravel for the Valley Central District. This grant will help the District Homeless Coordinator to provide the school and emergency supplies to the average 150 homeless students in the District. This could be anything from a backpack, sneakers, shampoo or whatever the student needs to be successful.

“Community Garden Kids: Feeding our Community One Plant at a Time” submitted by Gail Nozell from Montgomery Elementary School. This grant will fund a project to teach the students about organic gardening and the need to support needy families in our community with fresh produce. Students will plan, plant and maintain a garden and donate the produce to the Montgomery Food Pantry.

“You Can Do the Rubik’s Cube” submitted by Kerry Devine from Walden Elementary. This grant will purchase the education kit and printed instructional curriculum which can be used year after year for the Fifth Grade Math Club. It is a 10-week course on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube improving problem solving and having a good time doing it.

“Blues Writing” submitted by Nancy Phelps, Amy Wendel and Brian Ackley from Walden Elementary School. This grant will offset the cost of the “Using the Blues Workshop” in which students will write poetry, perform the poetry as a blues song, work collaboratively and experience a successful writing experience. This grant will include the entire student body and every grade 3 student will be directly instructed.

“Viking Performance Volleyball VPVP” submitted by Terri Van Pelt, Michael Van Pelt and Paige Van Pelt from Montgomery Elementary School. This grant will be used to purchase equipment and tools needed to instruct 5th and 6th grade girls in volleyball. This grant is to enhance a program that was started last spring with the age appropriate equipment for the team and will create a sense of confidence, teamwork and camaraderie through hard work and accomplishment. 

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